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Abolish the IRS and Establish a Flat Tax to Save the Middle Class

The US tax code only benefits the very wealthy and this unfairness penalizes the middle class and upper middle class. We have a moment at this time to save the middle class from the unfair burdens imposed on the middle class that are only advantageous to the very wealthy. 

If millions of Americans demand 435 members of the House of Representatives to abolish the IRS and move to a flat tax, we can get this done. I have a strategy to get the Flat Tax issue back onto the mainstream media. All you have to do is your part by signing this petition I have created and then we all share it on social media and take it viral. 

The second part of the plan is where I come in. I’m Grant Cardone, a fellow American and I have done extremely well in my lifetime. I understand how the tax code works and am one of the people fortunate enough to take advantage of it when most Americans cannot. The current tax system is broken and stacks the deck against the middle class. Many Americans were sold on change only to find that we are getting more of the same. The wealthy is getting wealthier and the middle class is getting smaller. The US Government clearly doesn’t have your back - so let’s make some noise.

Democrats and Republicans both agree the current tax code is too complicated and too arduous for the everyday person to comprehend yet, they do nothing to simplify it. Why not? Here is why, the easiest way to hide something is in complications. The very wealthy are the only ones that can afford to navigate their way through 73,954 pages, hire the specialist, create the structures and defend themselves when the IRS challenges them. The more they have, the more they have to protect. 

Most of the middle class and even some rich people do not have the time or the money to set up the structures and challenge the IRS. The IRS bullies the American people and they depend on you being too scared of them to fight back. The game is stacked against the middle class. Stop just bitching about it and sign this petition and share it on your social mediums.

I am one of the small percentage of people in this country that can afford to take advantage of the complicated IRS code and I publicly admit to doing everything possible to legally reduce my tax bill. My account and legal team hate me for taking this public position but I know it’s the right thing to do. Look, the wealthy can invest $25,000 or $75,000 or more in legal and accounting fees to save $250,000. When the wealthy get pushed around by the IRS, they just hire professionals to push back. But the middle class doesn't have the free cash, time or the professionals to push back. The complicated tax code is only there to benefit the wealthy who can afford to take advantage of the complicated tax code.

Most recently we see the IRS wasting money, fifty million dollars on stupid conventions, management dressing up like Dr. Spock, and when the head of the IRS was questions she plead the 5th and was rewarded with paid leave. This is gut-wrenching to me especially in a time where our country’s finances are in such a precarious situation. How can the IRS management and staff justify this type of behavior? How can ‘we the people’ allow that to continue to happen? I am begging you to sign the petition to simplify the process and quit rewarding the ineptitude of government.

If all Americans do is complain in the privacy of their home but do nothing to stop the IRS, this will continue and worsen. Last year the IRS collected 3.2 trillion collected and gave back 250 billion in refunds. How much did you get? The big multinational companies often pay nothing in taxes. I am begging all Americans to sign the petition then share it on your Facebook page, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter.

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