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A new computer means a new life.

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I am just a 21-year-old male, living in a council estate. I really wanted to make a difference to this world that we live in. Fortunately, something life changing happened in my life. My partner gave birth to our baby boy. I would have liked to live my life a bit more before we decided to have a child. however, I am proud to be the parent to raise my son. this ultimately means I don't get any money from work and only receive child benefits because my partner works full time to earn an average wage. this helps pay for our child's clothes, food, toys... etc and we can only afford essentials. my computer is 7 years old, I am currently trying to set up my own business to try and raise more money and also contribute to society. my computer is slowly dying, running slow; overheating. you name it! I would just like to start this petition in hope to raise money for a new computer. this computer has to be a good one in order to run certain software to edit. I would like to raise awareness to everyone who has a dream to make that a reality and a computer would make a dream become reality. 

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