#FREEMAC McKinley Phipps

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In 2001, MAC was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to serve 30 years in the shooting death of Barron Victor Jr. outside a Slidell nightclub on Feb. 20, 2000. MAC has always proclaimed that he was innocent and those that had initially gave testimony that assisted in his being convicted (his rap lyrics were also used in his trial and played a role), has since recanted their stories saying that they were coerced and threatened to give false statements to help get MAC convicted.

We demand the immediate release of McKinley MAC Phipps due his innocence and the corruption that has led to him spending 18 years in prison away for his son, parents, siblings, other family members, and friends. MAC has gained a plethora of support since his wrongful incarceration, and he can use more so that the Governor of Louisiana will finally look at MACs case and release him.