Rebuild Bar Hill Skate Park - Don't sell off the land

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For 12 years there was a skate park in Bar Hill, it was a thriving local amenity for young people where they could socialise but also practice and learn about the sport that they loved in a safe environment. 

In 2013 the Bar Hill Parish Council wrongly declared it rotten and unsafe leading to its condemnation and scheduled demolition. There was an outcry among young people and others who saw how important it was to the community. And after protest the council said that it would not be demolished. 

They then proceeded to demolish it in such a way that they then weren't prepared to save it. 

What is worse they had a budget for upkeep of the skate park but the money was siphoned off else where. 

We were promised a new one in 2013 and now, in 2017, we are told that they are planning to sell off the land and close any prospect of a new park. 

This is undemocratic, unacceptable and is why young people aren't involved in politics at a grass roots level, because they don't think their voices are heard. This is why we need a new and safe skate park as promised.

Sign the petition and show that young people still have a voice. 

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