Remove / Reconsider Age Restrictions on Practice of Law

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Respected Sir,

As per a recent circular issued by the Bar Council of India, the rule stipulating maximum age limit for law courses across the country stands revived, pursuant to recent court rulings.The upper age limit for admission in LL.B 3-year course is 30 years and for LL.B 5- year course is 20 years. As the state relaxed the age restriction for admissions, the Bar Council of India (BCI), the apex regulatory body for legal education, insisted that it’s a must for those seeking to practice law.

Sir, I sincerely seek your good selves kind attention at the "age" mentioned there-in, Is the age of 30 the new - OLD in our Young India! Is it even justified to curtail the aspirations of an individual at such a productive age, in a country which leads as an example in the world with its youngest population and their achievements.  

In an era when the entire world is keenly watching India and its young achievers, here are we, restricting them to pursue their dreams and the right to profession & livelihood, only because they have crossed half the official age of retirement. How can any country / law justify restricting its "young population" from education, from practicing a desired profession, from earning a livelihood, from contributing to nation building and from the very basic rights as a citizen.

As recommended by a committee earlier, the age restriction not only violates the Article 14, but also has a indirect and lasting  impact on the Right to Constitutional Remedies - Supposedly the heart and soul of the Rights of a Citizen , the age restriction kept at such an young age for practicing law, discourages the practicality of the Right to Constitutional Remedies.

Hence, I humbly request your kind selves to  constitute a new committee to re-consider the Age Restriction set by the Bar Council of India, for practice of law in our country.


- a 34 year OLD aspirant 

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