Reduction of parking costs at Para Rd & Flintoff St (Greensborough train station)

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If you are reading this, we already have a common ground. That common ground is the parking at Greensborough train station, particularly the corner of Para Rd and Flintoff St. 

Each day you or someone you know family goes on their morning hunt for a parking spot so they can commute. We generally try to find parking close to Greensborough station namely "the patch" because we have either been there for years or now it's just preferred over other options.

Some of us once raced to try and score shelter of the 2 level covered parking but now that it has been taken over by "Secure" parking, the area just sits there and taunts us. Earlier this year the parking was taken over by Secure, assuming for the new medical facility. Despite having remote enclosed parking areas with cameras, a contracted system was also placed on both floors of the outside 2 level parking. 

I will point out here no-one summoned any boycott, but I did expect it. So I wrote to Secure before the changes were implemented informing them of the prediction and they would be risking losing up to $26,000 (up to $500 a day) by making the change, however the response was basically "we wont provide any reason and we'll do what we want but here. Have an application form". I'm sorry but charging $8+ a day on a contract for parking that really isn't more secure or convenient (and more subject to flooding) than parking on the gravel? I'll be polite here and say "Thank you, I'd rather not". It seems like most of the local community felt exactly the same, and now only 1-2 cars park there (I sense you nodded your head in agreeance).

The local gravel parking (and the other side of the train station) has been home to our cars for several years now. We saw it going from free parking, to $4 parking (we were ok with that), up to $10 parking (instant boycott). The council seemed to met in the middle at $5 and I guess we were ok with that. We compete with the local trades and in a perfect world parking should be free, but we understand we all need to make a buck. Business was ok for all parties and we move on with our day. 

Banyule council recently snuck the costs up 50 cents as of 01/07/2018. It wasnt put up on the big display board, but the machine now says $5.50 for the day. There have been no significant upgrades to the parking so I personally don't know why there should he an increase. Sure it could use a little re-pommeling of the ground, but all in all it does the job.

The unadvertised and unjustified increase is not a lot right? To me it's $130 bucks a year that I can spend on my family at Greensborough and support the community better. 

Looks like some are seeking secondary options and scouting other surrounding areas with paid parking and less cars have been parking on the gravel since the increase. I sense some are equally deterred by the change so I sent Banyule council an email however had no response. I have found a local member and will be reaching out, but to assist I'd love your constructive feedback. 

I'm asking you, the local community and your voice to help me reach out to the right members of the council to consider reducing the paid parking back to the way it was. 

An alternate thought of consideration is for all levels of parking and surrounding areas to have full day availability of parking. This will ease congestion, encourage more people to park there, and you'll get a lot more bang for $5 bucks. Everyone benefits from this, the council can generate more funding for the community.

Thanks for listening and see you at the station.