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Time to change dog off lead laws in Banyule

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The current dog off lead laws in the Banyule area are out dated and unfair to all other park users whether you own a dog or not.

Banyule council is an outlier when it comes to rules concerning free running dogs. The current laws states "being a dog owner and you are permitted to exercise your dog off lead in all parks except where restrictions have been imposed for environmental reasons such as near wetlands." That means in every single oval and parkland within the council area all ratepayers have to tolerate dogs free running as long as the dog is "under effective control of their owners". 

This is where the problem lies, effective control. Anyone who lives in the knows there is no control by a lot of lazy owners and no enforcement by council. Dogs run amok through Banyule's playgrounds, bbq areas, schools and even environmentally senstive areas in the Yarra Flats. Kids playing cricket on local grounds have the balls chewed, footy and soccer games regularly have dogs interrupt play.. Anyone who runs, walks or cycles on the designated paths still have to deal with dogs that legally should be on lead. Having a picnic in Rosanna parklands without a dog sniffing your meal is near impossible. Leaving "effective control" to the discretion of the dog owner is just not good enough and does not work.

It is time that council understands that not everybody enjoys the company of dogs.. Some kids are petrified of them. Every week 50 Australians require hospital treatment from dog bites;

Other responsible dog owners also risk their pet being attacked by untrained vicious dogs that their owners let run free.

Which park in Banyule can a resident go without encountering a free running dog? The answer; there isn't one. Dogs owners have 5 specifically designed "dog parks" yet human rate payers have access to zero "dog on lead parks". 

It's time the local laws flip and humans have the right to free use of parks without having to share all of them with dogs. The explosion of high density developments in the area means there are more people who don't own dogs want to use their local park lands without encountering a free running dog. 

We are calling on Banyule council to update their current laws so they are inline with the neighbouring councils of Boorondara, Manningham and Nillumbik;

1. You must always have control of your dog when out for a walk and it must be on a leash no longer than 3 metres. In all public parks and reserves except where signed as a specifically dog lead free area. Within 10 metres of a shared use path, and
on all streets, roads, public car parks and footpaths.

2. Dogs must be on lead within 30 metres of; permanent barbecue facilities, children's play equipment, schools/childcare centres, synthetic surfaces, organised sporting events, approved functions or public meetings.

3. Dog off lead parks

- Owners must carry a leash at all times.
- don't allow your dog to worry or threaten any person or animal
- bring your dog under your control immediately if it threatens any person or animal.
- pick up after your dog with a suitable plastic bag and place it in a bin (you can be fined if you don't clean up after your pet).

All council parks and ovals should become on lead areas, with some shared ovals where dogs can run lead free as long the owner abides by the above laws. 

It's time now for Banyule council to update their laws to match majority of council areas in Australia.

Please sign this petition and share your stories so we can force change on this issue.

You can view the current Banyule off lead laws here;

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