Imprison the officials who ordered gunfire against civilians in Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu

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12 civilians (as of 23rd May, 2018) killed for protesting against a corporate copper-manufacturing industry since the by-products were not recycled in a safe way leading to a rocketed cancer rate and health issues in the district of Thoothukudi. What did they ask for? Nothing but a safe environment to live in and pure air to breathe.

They protested for 100 days without any violence. No one cared. Why were they ignored?

When they planned a protest for the 100th day marching towards the Collector office, everyone knew it on the 98th day. But why was the 144 curfew not launched if they really do care about peace?

Why were the roads not blocked on the day of the protest?

Why were they shot directly on head and chest without any prior warning?

This is an absolute brutal behaviour no matter whom the order came from. The government has failed horribly in protecting the rights of the people!

The government officials whosoever had signed the permission to open the gunfire, let it be the Chief Minister or the District Collector, has to be imprisoned since this incident has overruled the constitution of India. Because, India is still believed to be a democratic country.