BANTHEBAG Port Macquarie

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Seeking to obtain 4,000 signatures by Wed 19th July 2017 for our Ban The Bag Port Macquarie Community Campaign.  The petition will be presented to Port Macquarie Hastings Council to influence a ban on single use plastic bags in the local area.  Thereafter the petition will be added to that already collected by Clean Up Australia and The Project to support a state wide ban in New South Wales.

Australia currently uses 4.6 billion plastic bags a year.  Most plastics are not bio-degradable and take approx.1,000 years to break down. Even those bags that are biodegradable end up ingested by marine life and bioaccumulate in the food chain eventually causing harm to human life.  Plastic bags litter our landscape, waterways and oceans and are a major contaminant in our environment.

We would like to distinguish Port Macquarie as a socially responsible town that takes its environmental stewardship seriously.  We aim to work hard as a community to eliminate plastic bags in our locality keeping our beautiful coastal natural environment pristine and plastic free.