Help us stop a 35 metre Mobile Tower 250 metres from a Primary School & 2 Daycare centres

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Help us stop a huge 35 metre Mobile Tower being built only 250 metres away from Banora Point Primary School, and two Childcare centres. 

The Development Application has been lodged with Tweed Shire Council, and we have one more week from Jan 30th to voice our objections. 

Why it is critical, numerous studies show children's skulls are much thinner than adults, and contain a lot more fluid, so a lot more of the Electromagnetic Radiation penetrates their brains, compared to adults, causing side effects which have been proven to cause an increased risk of brain tumors, fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbance, irritability just to name a few. 

The NSW Education Department have a 500 metre no mobile tower policy which is being ignored, the Telecommunications Act states mobile towers should not be placed near sensitive areas, here we have 3 sensitive areas, once again being ignored !

Alternate sites are not being examined. 

We agree there should be a tower, just not so close to a Primary School of over 600 students, and Daycare Centres. 

The DA number is 18/1052 and Tweed Shire Council Planner managing the DA is David O'Connell.

Help by signing this petition to ask council to move the mobile tower to a better site where it doesn't harm our children !