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Banning of Gambling Advertisements in the Media

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Dear all, 

There needs to be a change in the way in which gambling is advertised. It is truly shocking how the constant bombardment adverts is allowed to go ahead in the UK, how it does. Television, certain newspapers, its everywhere you look.

The UK has a severe gambling problem right now and it only getting worse, this needs to ne addressed as a matter of urgency.

I believe there should be an outright ban on gambling adverts on television and in other media sources, i.e. newspapers.

As of today (12th September 2017) A national free newspaper has an advert for a recently fined gambling company who was fined £7.8 Million for failing vulnerable customers. The adverts itself, is bigger than the write up of last night football game.

In regards to the said company who have a massive add in todays paper (12th September 2017), please see fact below.

"A technical failure in the company’s systems meant customers who had signed up to its self-exclusion scheme were able to deposit £3.5m into their accounts, gambling nearly £51m in deposits and recycled winnings." (Quoted from the Guardian - Author - Rob Davis)

I know there are some light discussions amongst MPs, around banning gambling sponsorship for sports teams, however this will not be good enough.

The adverts they advertise is only for monopoly money anyway, you have to 50x your bonus from the company before you can withdraw, so in that time they have acertain % of people addicted.

As per the below fact, this will be a big fight, as they are lining the pockets of certain political parties and MP's

"Of 187 donations from British sources, given since the start of 2016, almost a third – 58 – came from sports and betting businesses." (Quoted from the Independent, Author Tom Peck)






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