Remove Foalcon fanfictions from Fimfiction

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Foalcon is a form of Foal x Adult Pony fanfictions (as to translate: Child x Adult stories or Pedophile fanfictions).
The stories are still being written by fans of the show despite after the ToonKyritic, Major Performance annd the Dusky Novel incident, the creator of said site: Knighty .
(Also has a Twitter page)

Has done nothing to remove the stories or at least restrict other people into writing these said 'fanfictions'.
Why i want them remove? Is because what if the people who WROTE these fanfics are actually pedophiles their-selves.

We don't want another Toon right?
So help me get the word out and by signing this petition, hell, even share it around.
We do not want pedo in our fandom, nor do we want Foalcon stories in the fandom either!