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Stop the retaliation and discrimination of Careen L. Sisk

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     Careen in a psychiatric nurse who was recruited by Banner Thunderbird Hospital in Glendale, Arizona in 2010 resulting in her giving up everything she had known in her home of upstate New York to pursue her career with this organization. Sadly, after only 2 years of service with them (2 years of exceptional service which also resulted in her promotion) she is being forced into a position to choose between her Faith and Family OR her career. Only 3 weeks after returning to work from her maternity leave, as a new/1st time Mother, Careen was forced into a new schedule that makes it near impossible for her to spend any time with her new child (who is also relying on his Mother’s milk, as she is nursing). The schedule she has been given, took her from working Monday through Friday 2nd shift to throwing her into a "graveyard shift" (overnight or 3rd shift) as well as a "swing shift" (both 2nd & 3rd shift) which literally takes her away from her seven month old son for days at a time. She has pleaded with the Hospital Administration to at least provide her with a schedule that had consistent hours- even if it is overnights, but they seemed determined to push her out instead of accommodating the physical and emotional needs of a new mom.
     Careen attempted to contact the Human Resource Department more than once, yet they refused to return her calls and instead chose to speak only to her supervisors.
     She is being told that they can’t change her schedule because her Christian belief to “Observe the Sabbath Day”- as stated in the Ten Commandments, restricts them from working her on Sunday. Yet many of her supervisors are also Christians!?
     Of the 4 Nurse Managers, Careen being one of them, She is the only one being forced to work a “swing shift”, Yet was told at the time these changes were going into place that is was being done to allow her more time at home! (that was a lie)
     If You know anything about the way a Corporate Business works, it is clear to see what is being done here! Not only has her (new) Supervisor retaliated in an unethical & inconsiderate manner, to her desire to avoid working on Sundays ‘when and if’ possible, but she is also being systematically pushed out of her position,… Does this seem fair to you?
     Any Woman who understands the challenge and difficulty of balancing Personal Faith, Family obligations, and a Career- should be angry that this type of treatment is allowed to take place. We can’t allow this kind of injustice to go ignored, please sign this petition & ask others to do the same- We need your help to fight this!


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