Stop the inhumane treatment of students in Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

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This petition is to make the Bannari Amman Management to took necessary steps on the basic facilities which are applicable but not taken by the management. The basic necessities for us are: 

  • Well equiped clinic with qualified doctors. 
  • Ambulance that is readily available during emergency. 
  • Good medical facilities. 
  • Give us our rights from the securities and staffs.
  • Don't publish in group mail even if there's a malpractice conducted by the student.
  • College time must be reduced to 9 AM to 4 PM. 
  • Saturday holiday on alternate weeks. 
  • College election to chose our leaders. 
  • Needs good food for the hostellers. 
  • Permission for the dayscholars to take lunch anywhere we want without forcing for the college mess.
  • Give us our extra fees that is deducted for Books and Laptops.
  • Emergency leaves are approved at the instant. 
  • Outing time must be extended.
  • Don't blackmail us by our Internal Marks and Attendance lack. 
  • Address all our talents eventhough if its not linked with the department.
  • Don't criticize us infront of all for the silly mistakes like the lack of ID card and shoes.
  • Securities and Discipline commitee must know their limits.
  • Give students the freedom to move out of the college anytime. 
  • Cafe and hostel must be allowed even during the college timings.
  • Give respect to the parents. 
  • There will be a direct feedback session with the trustee to hear from the students.
  • Don't get our ID cards for any reason.
  • Open wifi throughout the college. 
  • Probhiting the mobile phones is okay but need the permission to use laptop and wifi within the college. 
  • Don't indulge in our privacy like the phones and wallet.
  • Allow us for the Matta Kadai. 
  • Give us permission to share information in the Common mail.