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Namaste Humans!!!Love and light from Himalayas.

Himalayas are home of God Shiva and people from all over the world goes to see beauty of Mother Earth Nature and Himalayas now days people are going to enjoy several treks in Himalayas some are going for there spiritual practices,chilling ,photography to see culture camping around Himalayas etc but now days what I see every where trash ,bottle wrappers ,glass , cigarette buds and many things which are destroying mother nature and Himalayas.There is no Government organisation who deal with this trash in Himalayas and never will be I saw some volunteers who are working to clean Himalayas every year they do in some part of Himalayas but this is not the solution to control plastic,many NGOs and off course my self we are educating this to everyone from years not to burn plastic in Himalayas.My concern is if we ban plastic products from Himalayas.If these multinational companies selling things in Himalayas they should be responsible for there own trash.We need to stop them in Himalayas it's already to late.I am not against this multinational companies but we can advise them they are destroying every human,animals and mother nature of this planet earth Why?They have money they can make eco wrapped or some organic packing to there products they have money no big deals trash fishes.If you don't have technology or mind to create and help to clean this planet earth your products should be ban in Himalayas first slowly we move out from the Himalayas with new technology to make water bottle and packing things without using plastic we have solution to control your shit which you have given to this world.This is my request to all people in this world now time has come if we don't do this nature will do it self nothing much to say one day people will feel the pain of mother earth Do register this petition we will change this world soon in 2-3 years ....

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