Accept cheques written in Cornish in all UK banks

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More Support Needed!

Dydh da, hello all,

I've been loathe to update you all before now as I'm aware that follow-up emails can turn people off as well as encourage more engagement, but we're so close to getting to 500 supporters that I thought I should update you!

We need as many signatures as possible if the banks are going to listen, they're unlikely to do so unless we can show it would put customers off or affect their bottom line. Such is capitalism! 

So, please, please share this to as many different people and places as you can, encourage friends and family and especially special interest groups around language and independence to sign. 

Thank you all so much for your fantastic support, especially to those who are not Cornish but who are supporting us nonetheless. We're feeling the love from our Celtic family especially. 

Let's keep it going!

Lianne Wilson
2 months ago