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Enough is enough - the greed from corporate banks needs to be heavily regulated and restored back to being ethical. In 2015, the major corporate banks (Wellsfargo, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America) reported an annual revenue of $11.16 BILLION in overdraft fees alone. That's more an our entire education system - all to prey on those who are already in poverty and/or mostly those who use online and mobile banking. We are in the 21st century, the vast majority of Americans utilize online and mobile banking. We are blind in trusting our financial institutions, as they are against us by reordering, dropping/changing pending charges and confusing us to the point of their massive gain. 80% of banks use this strategy to undermine everyday US citizens, struggling families, the sick and old by processing larger transactions first so the rest will result in overdrafts. Or, they will rearrange the postings, change the amount and delay others in order to acquire overdraft fees. THIS SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL. If casinos can't do this, why should banks?! What if we cycled $11 BILLION back into the pockets of Americans, especially to those families who need it the most?! Time for a change America! Take back our power and stop the greed....2008 was enough!

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