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Bank of Queensland: make your ATMs Accessible and inclusive for The Visually Impaired!

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Please Urge The Bank of Queensland and Other Banks to make their ATMs Accessible and inclusive for The Visually Impaired! 

  • My name is Jessica Kendall. I am a totally blind woman in my thirties, and I've been a loyal Bank of Queensland customer for over a decade.

I have been able to withdraw money independently from their ATMS for years, after memorising the buttons. However, this has become impossible for me, and other visually impaired people, since the introduction of their touch-screen ATMs in recent years.

Like the older models, these ATMS have maintained the keypad to type in one's PIN, but there are no longer buttons to   select account, or the amount of money one wishes to withdraw. This means that I, and others, are unable to withdraw money without sighted assistance. This is  particularly problematic after business hours, when the option  of withdrawing money over the counter at a branch is not viable, either.

A survey conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission in 2000 stressed the inaccessibility of ATMS for both totally blind, and visually impaired people, and 17 years later, it remains a contentious issue.

In 2005, a law was passed in California, to insure all ATMS also provided buttons to make selections, however, this is not a requirement under Australian law. 

In late-2016, Martin Stewart, a totally blind advocate, petitioned the commonwealth Bank to make their touch-screen ATMS more inclusive by providing buttons as well as icons, however, nothing has changed. Vision Australia and other blindness organisations have also raised concerns about this glaring design oversight. 

To access the Australian Human Rights Commission Survey on the usability of ATMs, please visit:

 To access the article regarding Martin Stewart and his 2016 petition, please go to:

Please sign my petition, and urge the Bank of Queensland and other banks to include  buttons along with icons to make their ATMS more inclusive! 

Yours sincerely, 

Jessica Kendall


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