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Alan Turing, WW2 Enigma hero, to replace JMW Turner on the new £20 note

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Alan Turing arguably made the biggest impact on the outcome of the Second World War by a single person. Maybe even more so than Churchill. Our country repaid this hero and mathematical  genius  with persecution, imprisonment and later chemical  castration, which ultimately led to him taking his own life. Why? His sexuality.

Breaking the Nazi enigma machine is enough to warrant this man’s place on the note alone. However, Turing is also known as the father of computer science; leading the way in the development of the first computers (Turing Machine) and his pioneering work into algorithms and computing later led to systems that we take for granted today. 

In 2013, this genius, hero and modern day polymath was pardoned posthumously by the Queen which later led to The Alan Turing Law. I think we can do better than simply admitting we were wrong! I can think of no person who deserves to be recognised for his work nationally and internationally than Alan Turing. 

Who’s with me? 

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