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Bank Of America: Stop the 3 1/2 years of terror against the Zetterlund Family

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This family has been destroyed by the incompetence, negligence and lies of this Bank which claims to value it's customers.  They have been terrorizing us for more than 3 years.  How long do we have to endure this terror?

Here is our story: Brad and Joan Zetterlund – 4673 Canary Dr, Pleasanton, CA

·        In 2009, while in the middle of a simple refinance, the loan principle is doubled.

·        Although numerous attempts were made, no one at Bank of America would fix this balance.

·        Instead of fixing the balance, they stamped our loan foreclosed.

·        On August 10th, 2010 we received a call from Bank of America telling us that our home of 16 years would be sold on the steps of the Alameda County Courthouse. They claimed that they had been talking to our attorney, Mr. Anthony, numerous times the week before – WE DON’T KNOW A MR. ANTHONY.

·        1 hour after our home of 16 years was sold, the investor who had purchased our home was on our front porch, with a 3 day eviction notice. We were in complete shock and could hardly breathe, sleep or eat for months. ( We ended up paying this investor $12,000 so they would not evict us from our home while we battled Bank of America)

·        In an attempt to fight this injustice, we made an appointment with a lawyer to investigate suing Bank of America. It was made very clear that it would cost over $100,000 in legal fees to fight Bank of America who has a strategy of dragging things out because they have a lot more lawyers, time and money. And there was no guarantee that we would win. Again we were in shock by the horror of the situation that Bank of America had put us in.

·        Over the next 4 months, Brad contacted Bank of America numerous times a day, spending hours on the phone, sending documents and listening to lies about why they sold our home. The most ludicrous lie went something like this but there are so many different reasons why they sold our home that we can’t count them all.

·        Mr. Zetterlund, your name is first on the loan document and since we did not receive your W-2, the house was sold.

·        Even the IRS does not have a W-2 for Brad, because he has been at home with our kids for over 10 years while Joan has been consistently employed with PepsiCo for 27 years. Make no mistake, fighting Bank of America in order to save our home has been a full time job which Brad has shouldered.

·        Finally, after 4 months of terror, a Bank of America Attorney admitted that they should not have wrongfully foreclosed on us. (We have copies of this email.) Bank of America purchased our home back for the investor who made a profit of $150,000 plus the $12,000 that we paid them. This transaction closed on January 20th, 2011.

·        In order to get our home back, we were coerced into signing a contract with Bank of America where we can’t hold them responsible for the wrongful foreclosure.   Imagine the stress and terror that we had endured up to that point.

·        The reign of terror, however, has not stopped and we still do not have a loan agreement in place after almost 2 years.

·        The loan balance is still wrong and no one will follow the money.

·        We have tried to move our loan to our credit union, but not only will Bank of America not fix the loan balance, they want to add a $90,000 penalty.

·        We recently received a $1039.00 check from Bank of America with a letter that says we made a partial payment on our loan in December 2010 and they can’t take partial payments. Since Bank of America stole our home from us in August 2010 and did not buy it back until late in January 2011, how could we have made a partial payment in December 2010? We did not own our home at that time. (We gave the check to our lawyer.)

·        We also received 5 letters in the mail between June 22 and July 16, 2012 where we were informed that our loan had been assigned to 5 different Consumer Relations Managers and not one of them called us or returned our calls.

·        We finally had to hire an attorney out of complete fear that Bank of America will again just stamp the loan foreclosed instead of fixing the loan. We are not made of money and Bank of America is playing the terror game of stalling long enough for us to run out of money so they can steal our home again – we have now lived here for 18 years.

·        Bank of America and their negligence is responsible for:

·        Destroying our family with stress and terror

·        Making sure nobody follows the money

·        Sharing our personal financial information with people we don’t know (Mr. Anthony)

·        Destroying our family

We are asking for your help by shining a very bright light on this injustice and acts of terror. Tell everybody you know that Bank of America is an organization that cannot be trusted and is responsible for terrorizing their customers. Tell them our story and if you do business with them in anyway, FIRE them.    When you do fire them, please tell them why - in support of our family and all those families like us.

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