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Bank Of America: Refund all my overdraft fees since August 28, 2008

What they do is hold items to deduct from consumer accounts in order to charge overdraft fees on other items. This makes it impossible to keep a real-time balance. 

Having been a customer since 2008 you can call in and get one or two fees refunded per year, but with the way the systems operate that's unacceptable. This is my hard earned money. 

I cannot even imagine stealing someone's money and then making them beg for it back. Ordinarily I pay the fees and say nothing as the bank has been amazingly convenient, but I've reached my breaking point. Having said no to other banks because of my loyalty then seeing more overdraft fees is a slap in the face. 

Letter to
President & CEO Brian Moynihan
Pleaes refund all my overdraft fees since August 28, 2008. I will remain a loyal customer to Bank of America, but I do not feel I should have been charged these fees in the first place to the excess it has been.

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