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Live up to your promise and help my Uncle keep his home

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Bank of America is at it again. They may take my Uncle’s house due to a typo. That’s right a typo.

But my Uncle’s home isn’t the only house at risk. Bank of America signed on to the Obama administration’s Home Mortgage Modification Program, promising to help Americans in financial distress keep their homes. But Bank of America isn’t living up to their promise.

Instead, as is well documented in the media, Bank of America has created an excruciatingly and unnecessarily complicated application process and rejects people seeking assistance with the flimsiest of justifications.

In my Uncle’s case his application was denied due to an incorrect date. One simple date!

But Bank of America won’t let him fix the dates. Instead, they raised his monthly payment by more than $600 per month. To make matters worse, Bank of America says his monthly payment could go even higher, putting my Uncle and his family at serious risk of losing their home.

By signing this petition, you will not only help my Uncle. You’ll also help countless Americans in tough economic times keep their homes.

Tell Bank of America that they must live up to their promise and help Americans under financial distress keep their homes!

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