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Bank Of America Ignores Illegal Foreclosure - Help the Murrays Retain Their Home

     I, Matthew Murray and my wife Beverly Murray, are hard working determined individuals, who like many have experienced some difficult times. Unfortunately, after our income was reduced several years ago and our daughter became seriously ill as well. We attempted to work with our bank. They on the other hand were conducting an illegal foreclosure while giving the impression they were helping us obtain a modification. After fighting in the courts for more than two years andarmed with more than 50 pages of black letter law, proving that the foreclosure had been illegal, the now owner of our loan, (who purchased it) Bank Of America refused to grant our request for a modification or a reversal of an illegal foreclosure. We even have proof that documents were forged and falsified. We have proof that no claim to our home could legally be proven when it was foreclosed upon. In fact, the foreclosing agent was ficticious.

     For more than two years of also making every escrow payment on time, we went to Bank Of America ourselves and offered them the full appraised amount on our home. We were convinced they would be open to this because of our pristine payment history and proof that we could afford our home. They flatly refused, even though they have sent scores of letters stating that they are "here to help". We were further reprimanded for contacting them by their attorney.  

     Although Bank of America has taken millions of dollars to facilitate "fair modifications" and help people keep their homes, there is more profit by evicting people from their homes. My wife, daughters and I love our home very much desire stay here. We have invested everything we have in this home. Beyond that, this has become as much of a matter of principle as love for a house. These last few years have been a living hell for us. This past winter, Bank of America, well aware we were in litigation and paying our escrow on time, sent a crew out to winterize our home with us in it. We would very much appreciate it if you would help us retain our home by calling, emailing or both and insisting to Bank Of America's president Brian Moynihan, that they work out a fair modification! His contact information is found below. You voice truly counts! We can't fight a system motivated only by greed and dishonesty on our own! 

You may write:
Brian T. Moynihan - President of Bank of America at:
or you may call him at:

If we can inundate Mr. Moynihan with protests on our behalf, we can still save our home. Please consider helping us!
Matthew and Beverly Murray

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