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Bank of America Home Loans; Bank of America, N.A.: STOP denying us modification! Let us keep our home!

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I'm Samantha. My mother's name is Brenda. We need to keep our house. First Franklin, our initial lender, was acquired by Bank of America about 3 years ago when the company collapsed. Our note was at one time $735, on an 80/20 loan, but when we couldn't afford our taxes (Approx. $1,500 which is an entire check plus $100 for my mother on average), and couldn't afford home hazard insurance, it was all taken out of our escrow, swelling our 80% alone to over $1,100, with the 20% portion remaining at $143. Math done, that's $1,243 per month, which would leave us for less than $200 for food, phones, consolidated utility, gas, car note, etc., with those expenses themselves close to $1,500 per month. BoA wasted NO time in becoming aggressive. About 13 months after our loan was transferred to BoA, we got an unofficial letter stating that our property was in forclosure review. We were never informed that modification was an option before this point, and when we sought modification, we were refused approx. 7 times over the course of 25 months, including twice through legal representation. Their excuses were usually that we didn't file the proper paperwork (Even though we once filed and faxed from an official Bank of America office in Memphis, TN, in the presence of an official Bank of America loan modification reprensentative). After such excuses, they claimed that my mother makes too much money to not pay the note, even with other expenses taken into account, leaving us with $127 per month (according to our legal representative's calculation). They also put a closing date on our house (jointly with ReconTrust) without informing my family. No supoenas, no FedEx letters, no sheriff visits, not Certified Mail, NOTHING. We had only found out through a solicitation we got in the mail that listed our lot number next to a sale date that we had never seen (September 12, 2012, at 2:00 PM). We were able to stall the date by contacting and working with the company whose solicitation informed us of the date. Even with legal representation and accurate calculation of our expenses, Bank of America STILL refuses us modification.

It's been a war over my home for 2-3 years. Frankly speaking, we're broke. I don't have a job, and Mom works a highly-stressful position that doesn't allow much overtime without implications to her health. We would "just leave", but we love this house. Plus, I have no credit, and Mom's isn't the best due to how far behind be are on our mortgage, and a bankruptcy filed in 2002. We are tired of fighting with a corporation that is too rich to care about us, too poor to want to help us, and way too big to even try and notice us. Without little people like my family to bully, Bank of America has nothing; therefore, we must fight to the best of our ability. Until we can afford to drag them into court, however, this petition is the hardest return we can give them. Will you help us??? Thank you for your time, GOD Bless.

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