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Bank of America is filing forged documents across the nation in courts

It is important because Bank of America is now having their own employees sign over assignments of mortgage to themselves claiming Countrywide has given them this power. They are signing these papers and committing forgery on a lot of them and back dating these fraudulent papers. Some are so bold they date them in June, July and August of 2012 and Countrywide was OUT OF BUSINESS July 31, 2008. How can they assign something to themselves from a company that does NOT EXIST any longer. There are countless documents signed by a Bank of America employee named SRBUI MURADYAN and notorized by a Tina Khalil. SRBUI is listed all over if you do a google search on him. Tina shows up on facebook as a little child but if you dig deeper the name changes to a Tina Mazahri. These people need to be stopped they are known as ROBO-SIGNERS which is what got the banks in hot water a few years ago and paid the Attorney Generals of the 50 states $25 billion dollars in what I consider hush money. But BoA is continuing this practice. The Federal reserve is not doing anything to punish them the OCC gives you the run around and everyone wants to put people in a new loan modification so they can get the Mortgage and the Note back together now because years ago they sold them off and securities and bonds thus separating then which is ILLEGAL . Once the economy tanked they got caught and now doing everything in the world to fleece the public even more. Look around your neighborhood and see how many homes are in foreclosure with no help in site. They are even filing foreclosures on homes with no mortgages in other words totally paid off all because COUNTRYWIDE gave them forged and fraudulent documents.

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