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To consolidate my loans so that I can refinance my home.

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My name is Desi Shelby and I am a disabled Veteran. I live off of my VA benefits and my Social Security Disability benefits. I worked for more than twenty three years of my life. I did not stop working until my doctors said I was doing harm to my body by working.

I need some help and support from everyone that is willing to tell Bank of America and M&T bank to do their job and not pass the cost on to me. Several years ago, I refinanced my home with Country Wide mortgages. During the time that my paper work for refinancing was in process, Bank of America purchased Country Wide. When Bank of America purchased my loan from Country Wide, they failed to file the title properly with Dutchess County NY. They also failed to consolidate the first and second mortgage. After years of paying my mortgage on time, Bank of America decided to sell my loan to M&T Bank. Me and my husband decided to refinance into a lower rate. We can't because Bank of America and M&T will not consolidate the first and second mortgages and file the proper paper work with Dutchess County NY. M&T has asked me to pay to have the loans consolidated. They want me to pay between $1,200 and $1,500 to do this. They have said that none of this is our fault and that it is something that happens to lots of people.

I feel that sense it is not our fault, we should not have to pay to get this matter resolved. There are thousands of home owners in the same position and the banks are taking money from them in order to fix a problem that has nothing to do with the home owner.

I need people to sign this petition so that the banks will know that a few thousand dollars mean a lot to working class people. I need people to make it clear that we, the American people, bailed them out once and we should not have to pay to fix any mistakes they made while they were messing up the entire mortgage industry and causing people to lose their life savings. Enough is enough!

Please sign this petition and help me as well as others that are being asked to pay fees to clear up the banks error.

Thank you for your support.

Desi A. Shelby

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