Bank Employees' pension revision overdue for More than 3 decades!

Bank Employees' pension revision overdue for More than 3 decades!

6 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by rama murty sripada

A person retired from a public sector bank is in a pathetic situation. His pension has not been revised for 3 decades or more! In the meantime, retired Employees of both central and state governments have been given pension revision based on successive pay commission recommendations. Though serving bank  employees have revised pays  due to Bipartite settlements the  same benefits  are not passed on to the retired bank  employees. There are court cases pending for  long long  time. 

This has  resulted in a avoidable situation where many top ranking bank  officers of  General  Manager( if they are unfortunate enough to live a long life post retirement! )could be seen drawing a pension smaller than a clerical  staff of state or central  government.

In my opinion, this unfortunate situation should come to an end. The erstwhile  stalwarts  of the banking sector,  who shaped the Indian Economy into a robust and healthy shape by their wise actions, sincere and dedicated work culture should not be  left to fend for themselves and  their unfortunate spouses at this twilight of their life and consigned to a poorer and poorer existence year by year.

It is time to raise voice against this. Banks  have funds - huge funds at that- either by way of meticulous  notional deductions from salary - or by way of provisions made in this regard long long back.

More important- they have the moral responsibility for providing a meaningful survival of their erstwhile employees!!!

What they don't have is willingness to look into the problems of their previous generations of workers and masons who toiled their best to build the financial entities called banks which are a solid pillars of nation's economy.

Indian Banks Association.. Please Act 

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Please sign this petition so that thousands of Old Bankers- venerable Senior Citizens of this Country, who are  being  forced to a lower and lower standard of living due to the apathy of  powers that be:

Get Justice in the  form of Pension  Revision and Updation:-

And Saved at the Twilights of their lives In the Least!!

Please Sign! Please Sign!

Thanks..  Thanks. Thanks...

An Aggrieved Bank Pensioner.


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Signatures: 108Next Goal: 200
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