Proposal to Implement Pedestrian-Centric Urban Network in Inner Bangkok

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Bangkok, despite its rich emphasis on street culture and food, has one of the worst environments to venture in on foot and has many downfalls that discounts its charm. Unconnected modes of transportation, obstructed sidewalks, low amount of vegetation, and poor hygiene, to list a few. These issues effectively affect both locals and tourists in terms of quality of life and safety.

This project is aimed to purpose hypothetical, but possible solutions to make the area of central Bangkok more friendly to pedestrians, promote public transportation usage, improve public health, and possibly improve the prosperity of Bangkok's ample street economy.

The change of this scale will require the cooperation of several government sectors and personals, which might be deemed challenging, but definitely doable. And like all experimental ideas taken into different contexts and especially one that will affect the public, this needs to be checked for its legibility and approval from our fellow citizens in our democratic society before being pushed into our representatives' hands, thus the petition.

The proposals are cut short into the bite-size infographic provided.


Please make our beloved Bangkok great again, one click at a time.