Link the transportation routes and redesign footpath to lessen traffic jams in Yaowarat.

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The aim of our project is to create a change due to traffic congestion in Yaowarat. the problem has come from the large number of passenger cars that are interrupted along the street, the traffic congestion is dense and the size of the foot is too small. This project will increase the number of ways for public transportation and it will be allocated to the new bus route that can help reduce traffic congestion and make the road more relieve. And the extension of the footpath can help increase the area for doing street shop business.

This Project will increase the possible ways of transportation as they are integrated into our suggested bus route so, the users could easier use the public carrier. The traffic jams in the area of Yaowarat will be more relieved from the chaotic parking of those taxis, and private cars because this bus route has connected all the parkings in the area together with the other types of public transportation such as boat piers, BTS, and MRT stations. This bus route also provides drop-off spots along the Yaowarat road for people to hop-on and hop-off easily. Another solution we purpose are to resize the pedestrian. This will give more space for the street venders to sell foods, and goods which will enhance Yaowarat road as a walking street, and improve the economy in the area. Moreover, it will reduce the risk of accident from people not having enough space to walk on the walkway that make them walk on the road, and cause accidents. This project require the government organization to share the information and cooperate in order to rearrange the public transportation systematically, and redesign the better pedestrian to fit with its usability along the Yaowarat road.

Applying our group solution will improve Yaowarat to have better traffic and vision. It will help to reduce traffic congestion caused by the high number of passenger cars, It is also increasing more safety for pedestrian walkways, and an increase in the size of the sidewalk can make the street more appropriate for street shops.