We want Pashto Language in Bangalore University.

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Pashto پښتو Language also pronounced as Pukhto is the official language of Afghanistan spoken by millions of People in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

BANGALORE UNIVERSITY located in Karnataka state, Bangalore City India has 60 colleges affiliated to it and none of those colleges has Pashto language as an option for a student to choose in first semester while there are other languages to choose. For example! African students have French, Iranian students have Persian, students from gulf countries have Arabic and there is no option for Afghan students specifically Pashtoons, They should either choose Additional English (Advanced English Literature) or the Iranian version of Persian (Parsi) which is extremely difficult for Pashtoons. In Persian (Parsi) exam, Pashtoons have to study for weeks to learn about the poems of Iranian poets and their life style to pass exam which in fact doesn't add anything to the academic profile of the student. 

Each college has Pashtoon students and the college gives only one option and that is to choose Persian (Parsi) or Additional English which is extremely difficult for someone who can't speak basic English.

Since Bangalore University is a well known University, we kindly request the Management authorities to add Pashto language as an option for Afghans so that the students speaking Pashto language won't be having hard times learning Persian (Parsi) only for the purpose of exam.

If you are Pashtoon and care about Pashto, please support this petition and make Pashtoon language as an option for Afghan students.