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Bangalore Sub-registrar, please register's trust without a bribe

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We’re gearing up to register as a charitable trust this Friday. But we plan to register the trust without giving the sub-registrar officers any bribes.

Our CA has warned us that if we don’t give bribes we will be made to run around. But we are going to stick to our principles and appeal to the better nature of the officers and ask them to do the right thing.

Our plan is to arrive in the sub-registrars office this Friday in Bangalore with 200 signatures, messages and photos of supporters asking the officers to join them in building a more accountable and equitable India, and starting by registering the trust! Can you help us out by signing this petition?

Government officers often aren’t inherently bad people. There are many cases of non-profits who register charitable trusts without giving a bribe. If we can show these officers that we want them to be on our team and that we have faith in their goodness, we will be able to give them a chance to step up and do the right thing.

The big risk is that they refuse to register our trust without a bribe. The longer the registration is delayed the longer we are held back from doing the work we want to do – to enable Indians to collectively create more inclusivity, sustainability and accountability in their lives regardless of any geographical or demographical barriers.

So we need your help. Let us set an inspiring example of the change we seek to create - let us launch Jhatkaa with a clean and positive beginning.

PS. If we aren’t able to get the trust registered on Friday, I’ll email you with Plan B! In order to stay in touch please tick the opt in box!

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