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Fill potholes, not just pockets!

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The misery on Bangalore's roads are aggravating with every passing day and in spite of several road accidents and deaths over the past few months due to the deadly potholes, the city governance has literally done nothing to improve it. 

With at least 3 hazardous potholes per kilometre across the city, as per a recent survey by Bangalore Mirror, escaping an accident on Bangalore roads has become pure luck! The roads are peppered with more potholes than ever and becoming increasingly dangerous with every passing day, and the untimely rain is only worsening it! 

Looks like the audacity of BBMP can be tackled only by a huge public revolt. If one of the highest earning civic body can be so negligent towards its tax payers' lives and the infrastructure, then it needs to be shown its place! 

The apathy of ruling governments isn't new to us Indians, but even the opposition is keeping shut and busy focusing on their vote banks for the upcoming elections, and then we have the so called activists and groups that pop up for all the unwanted reasons but go into a hideout when it comes to a civic problem!

When the world over is resorting to the power of online movements and social media uprising, then why can't India's beloved Silicon Valley take this route?

If a #Jan25 can bring down Egyptian president, or few thousand negative comments can crash 2/3rd market of Netflix then why not our #PotographyBlore or #PotLuckBBMP or #ShameBBMP?
Share your story, picture, meme and slap it on their face!

Sign and share this petition until the BBMP takes an action and gives out a date to fix the roads. 

Let's not wait until another life is lost trying to avoid a pothole or we ourselves land into one!


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