Stop burning plastic insulated wires

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We represent the association of residents of Gopalan Residency, an apartment situated at Telecom Layout, Near Vijayanagar Pipe Line Road, Bangalore. Our apartment consists of 11 floors, with 288 apartment units occupied by more than about 1000 residents. The railway track connecting Bangalore and Mysore passes through the South Eastern side of our Gopalan Residency Apartments complex.

The railway track and abutting land undisputably belongs to railway and hence the track and its adjacent areas are railway property within which none has any rights or privileges. However, to the dismay of Railways and the public at large, some miscreants are regularly trespassing in the railway property abutting our apartment complex and burning copper wire over the railway track, in an attempt to melt it in order to get solid metal copper,. As you are aware, the heating of the copper wire releases toxins like heavy metal particles, dioxins and other chemicals furans to the surroundings and the residents of our apartments are highly affected by these toxins which may even lead to illness to nervous system, lung infections and inflammations, and even heart problems. It is proved that inhaling dioxins will increase the risk of cancer as well while copper wire will release copper particles, which can cause kidney and lung damage. Apart from the above mentioned health hazard to our residents, over heating of wire can lead to major fire accident which may result into fire to trees, houses and others in the vicinity.

In addition to these risks we are also apprehensive of any train accident that can arise during this illegal entry and dangerous activities by the miscreants.

Even when this is totally an illegal act, exceedingly polluting and highly dangerous, neither the railway department nor the pollution control board is taking any action against the miscreants despite our repeated complaints. The burning of copper wire is carried out daily from early morning till evening unabated. As stated above, the smoke coming out of the said burning is highly dangerous to life of the people in our apartment and also to the residents within the vicinity. Morning walkers, aged peoples, children are seriously affected due to this. It has become very difficult to open windows when the burning takes place.

In the circumstance, we request you again to take appropriate action in the matter on priority to arrest the miscreants from such illegal deeds and take all steps to prevent occurrence of any mishap which can be highly dangerous.