Excess fare asked by Auto Rikshawala in Bangalore

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Dear Respected officials and my dear citizens in Bangalore, 

While we travel in auto, we are shamelessly charged extra money by auto drivers. Travelling from Doddakamanahalli to Meenakshi mall in Bannerghatta road costs me Rs. 40 or Rs.50; where the actual fare is Rs. 27. Going to Apollo Hospital Bannerghatta road costs me Rs. 80, whereas the actual fare is 50. At night they even ask for triple the amount and unnecessarily bullies the office mob. 

The auto-drivers are reluctant to put their metre on, and even if they do, they shamelessly ask for 10 rs or 20 rupees extra. If we deny then they will simply refuse us a ride. In case we argue,  they will say  'why are you fighting for Rs. 10'? Well, we all know that this is illegal and yields unaccounted money. So we should protest against it. 

This is just not a matter of Rs. 10 or 20, but a ransom amount of money which is getting turned into unaccounted money by these hooligans. Please find this statistics to understand the seriousness of matter.

Rs. 10 extra * 100 Auto drivers* 1 trip= Rs. 1000
Rs 1000* 10 trips a day= Rs. 10000
The above calculation is for a single locality.
Now consider it for the city Bangalore.
If there are 10000 autos the figure is shown in the following:

Rs 10000 * Rs 10000= Rs. 100000000 for a single day.
Above these are the night charges.
Now can you understand the seriousness of the matter? And do not please ignore it thinking that ' I use a scooter and so need not sign it'/ Please look at as a terrible corruption on the streets of the city. It takes just 1 minute or even less.
Please do not ignore,.
It is not just my petition, but a fight against corruption.

Please spare a minute to share the petition and to sign it individually.

Is this the way they should harass us? Why is no step being taken against this? Why do we need to suffer every day? 

Please share this as much as possible to bring a change. I feel this issue is affecting all the people in Bangalore. Let us put end to such daily harassment. 

Please sign the petition and share it with other Bangaloreans.