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Stop putting up flex banners. A nonsense these days.

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Now a days the flex banner trend has become a big nuisance in the city. We cannot guarantee that every light pole, electricity pole in the city works, but we can definitely tell that every street pole in the city carries a flex banner. Are they standees for these banners? How many lakhs and crores of money is being spent on this? If at all the same money was used for better purposes, so many problems in the city would be vanished by now. These flex banners are put up irrespective of the occasion or public interest. Someone dies, there is a banner put up, someone's birthday, there is a banner, some function, some event, whatever it is, there has to be a flex banner. If it all a event is related to a political party or some local fringe groups then these banners are put on each and every street pole within a radius of approximately 10-15 kms. Why do they have to put up these for a birthday, anniversary, festive wishes, welcome parties? The public is not all interested with such things. But still they are forced to see those. For every festival we see these ppl putting up huge banners stating 'happy festival'. There is no happiness that public really gets by seeing those. If there is a birthday of someone in their troop, they put huge banners for that also. Why on earth should they put such things in the city streets? Advertisements should be in the interest, benefit, use, educating, informing the public. In which way are these useless banners good? BBMP tells, plastic carry bags should not be used and they put fines on shopkeepers for using plastic carry bags. But why not they bring in a rule like this? The flex banners are made of poly-vinyl chloride. It causes a serious threat to the environment, as it is not bio-degradable. When burnt, they emit toxic fumes that have serious effects on health. It can cause cancer and infertility. Such materials are non-degradable. The frame of such banner is made up of wood. Again a non-renewable material. They are just used for show & nothing else. Schools & colleges teach us of using 3R's Reduce , Reuse & Recycle but it is never implemented. It is we ,who can stop this and change it. I am not against any good cause but if it is directly or indirectly affecting my mother earth then i think it should be banned.

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