Steps to Curb Bangalore Traffic

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We are spending hours in traffic everyday. What was occasional few year back has become everyday routine now. This is not only wastage of our time but also a big contribution in fuel wastage and increase in air pollution. 

While there could be smaller steps taken by corporators or traffic police, they chose to behave ignorant. Few of the small steps we recommend:

1. Complete STOP on construction vehicles, water tanks, trucks and tractors in office hours. They should be allowed only post 8:00PM or before 6:00AM. This is currently being followed in Delhi and is successful. 

2. Repair of internal/ connecting road to ensure smooth traffic flow. People are avoiding the connecting roads as most of them needs the repair badly. Different departments dig them at different timings, no coordination among various departments. 

3. One way should be treated as one ways only, specifically around business parks. Many people coming from opposite direction block the traffic.

4. Stop further business park and big apartment construction unless infrastructure supports that. For example: a narrow Harlur road has many big apartments. It takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to cross 2 kms due to heavy traffic. 

This is important Please sign this petition, so that Government takes some initiatives. 



A Bangalore citizen