BDA: please improve panathur, doddakannelli sarjapur road Bangalore.

BDA: please improve panathur, doddakannelli sarjapur road Bangalore.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Shivani Tiwari

Below are the road conditions: 

The road is not able to handle the sudden increase in traffic due to recently opened IT parks. It takes 30- 45 mins for a car to travel 3 km on this internal road. 

This road has been the hub for residential layouts & many connecting roads between CISCO IT hub, Prestige tech park, Embassy tech village, Varthur, Sarjapur road, Gunjur, to the Outer ring road at Kadubisanahalli.

When it does not rain, there is a huge amount of dust in the air and visibility is not more than 20 feet. A lot of people commute by two-wheelers and this cannot be good for our health in mid to long term. On top of that, there are huge potholes that stretch from one end of the road to another at 4-5 places along this road. These are backbreaking, to say the least.

When it does rain, you get stuck in the crazy traffic and reach home very late drenched in mud and water. The additional risk of slipping on the very slippery 'road', and/or falling into the huge craters (potholes) which you can't see as it is filled with water. Rains just cripple this entire road till Kadubisanahalli bridge.

All 3 entry points from ORR to major IT parks like ETV, Cessna is jam-packed. For a person coming from HSR end, either you enter under the flyover where you get stuck because of a tractor/water tanker unable to maneuver the bends or you take a U-turn ahead at Kadubeesanhalli bridge and then get stuck right from there till Adarsh Palm entrance or you take the right into New Horizon school road and again get stuck at the entry point.

For a person who lives nearby, its close to impossible to walk in so much mud. Most of the people as I hear in societies come via vehicle only to get away from dust and not because they do not want to walk. 

This petition is to majorly get the road repaired along with footpaths and lights so that its safe to walk and will ultimately reduce traffic jams in the area.

Some suggestions:

  • Heavy vehicles (except school buses) shouldn't be allowed on these roads from 9 - 11 am and again from 6-8 pm as these are office hours -largely we see construction tractors and water tankers jamming our entry/exit points 
  • Taxis & Autos shouldn't be allowed to park in the above time bands on the Wells Fargo service lane (the road is already a two-lane road and one lane has taxis standing whole day!!)
  • Get these inside village roads repaired and lay proper roads without craters - one road a time
  • Suggest having street lights working at night for visibility



848 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!