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Illiberal Action Against Residents & Associations That Ban Pets

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As I am a citizen of India, I will be forthcoming and doing everything in my power and legal rights to see fortunate measures being taken place. Please support and note the below: It's against the law to ban pets from residences and apartments. Plain and simple. Yet, hundreds of associations routinely break the law, either in ignorance or disinterest, by banning pets and implementing this with punishments that range from fines to outright evictions. In addition to being illegal, it puts a huge pressure on the system by resulting in pets being given up, sent to shelters, even abandoned and euthanized, a false choice created, in addition to families who remain shattered because they weren't given time and support. Strict action should be taken and imposed to these people who are involved in doing this, especially since it goes against the law of the land. Unless some form of punishment, either a noteworthy fine or community service is placed, the fragrant disobeying of the notification will simple NOT stop. 

I urge my fellow pet parents to be super vigilant in ensuring that the pets are responsibly managed, vaccinated, leashed during walks, clean u the poop and use public spaces like lifts, etc, sensitively. However, while this side needs to be managed, the law is the law, and apartment associations cannot break it .

I have come across at least 3 complaints per week, and many where the level of bullying and threats is extreme. People rarely escalate fearing rebuke & breaking the law with neighbours. The families suffer as do the pets.This bullying & ignorant intimidation has to STOP.

The AWBI says : 'If at all any association succeeds in intimidating a pet owner into 'giving up' or 'abandoning' a pet, it will actually have abetted violating the law and may well be aggravating the menace of owner-less animals on the street, that are not accustomed to living on the streets and, therefore, get involved in and lead to accidents, injuries and deaths. The association will therefore be guilty of criminal intimidation. Intimidation is an offence in law.'

Please refer to Section 11 (3) of Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act 1960. It is also against the article 51 A (g) of the Indian Constitution according to which it is the duty of every citizen to have compassion for animals, living creatures and improve the natural environment.

Please sign the petition and let's all live together in harmony, as much as we can.

Looking forward to your heartfelt support.

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