Silence CP Train Horn

Silence CP Train Horn

January 4, 2021
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Karen Sorenson (Mayor)
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Why this petition matters

Started by SilentNight Banff

The Town of Banff needs to know if residents support requesting CP Rail to silence train horns through town and create a "Quiet Zone" (no horns).

Why is this important?
We live in a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The horns are unnecessary, intrusive and can be a health issue.
Train horns are loud and can be heard for many kilometres.
The number of CP trains passing is increasing annually!
We can't stop the trains, but we can silence them.

Help us!! 

If you support the request to create a “quiet zone” through Banff, please sign petition.

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Please write the Mayor and Banff Council and express your support for Silencing the CP Train Horn (email addresses below)

To Mayor Sorensen and Town Councillors

I am writing to you about the request to the Town of Banff to apply to Canadian Pacific (CP) Rail for the creation of a “Quiet Zone” through Banff townsite (No Train Horn).

We live in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes on the North American continent, if not the world. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Canada’s premier national park, part of a critically important landscape of global conservation significance.

The paradox is that this same natural landscape is one of the world’s most developed, where grizzly bears still thrive, and transportation corridors are major stressors on the ecological integrity of the park ecosystem.

The CP trains pass through the Banff townsite on average 24 times per day. At both Banff’s at-grade rail crossings, train horns are blown 4 times. That equates to nearly 200 train horns every 24 hours and more than 70,000 times each year.

Train horns are highly intrusive and can impact physical health and well-being. They can be heard from many kilometres away and can affect a variety of wildlife causing a range of physiological and behavioural responses.

We cannot stop the trains, but we can silence them.

Canmore has created a “Quiet Zone” and the same train passing through Banff sounding its horn, moves silently through the town of Canmore, outside the national park.

The Town of Banff “strives to be a model environmental community, and recognizes that being a municipality inside a national park comes with great responsibility”. Please request CP to silence the CP Train Horn through Banff.



Karen Sorensen (Mayor)

Grant Canning

Ted Christensen

Brian Standish

Corrie DiManno

Peter Poole

Chip Olver

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Signatures: 198Next Goal: 200
Support now