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Companies must pay 12 months' full salaries or notice to the Employees being laid-off or fired.

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Dear Friends,

Recently we have seen how companies are just laying off employees just in order to improve their margins and growth. None of the highlighted companies recently like Cognizant Technology Solutions, Tech-Mahindra etc were not even loss making companies (bankruptcy is too far). 

However we, citizens, strongly believe that companies should be strictly restricted from firing/laying-off employees as it improves company's health, but strongly hit employees' family and country's economy.

But if in some unavoidable circumstances, like employee has some real performance issue (which could not be proved although but employee should have been informed officially well in advance in written like 6 or 12 months in advance to improve) or company is making loss or need to restructure or bankrupted, in these cases Company must pay employee 1 full year's (12 months) full salary while laying off/firing or must serve notice to employees in 12 months advance before he/she would be laid-off, so that employee is not hit immediately and is not  on the roads. Currently it is around 2 or 3 months basic pay which is not even as good as 1 month's full salary.

This step would really empower employee to re-motivate, re-prepare and re-skill himself/herself for a new start. Employees have lots of financial responsibilities like home/car loans, kids' school fees etc which are adopted as per the salary one is earning and couldn't be curtailed immediately. Also this will make companies think twice before firing an employee, due to the cost this step will associate with it i.e. 12 months full salary. Automatically companies would try their maximum to re-skill and re-use their existing employees and thus avoiding layoffs.

I am 100% confident if this petition reaches to the Government of India, it will seriously draw the attention of all concerned departments and ministers.

Please sign and share in huge numbers, if you agree with me.

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards

Ankit Tiwari,


Twitter: @AnkitTiwari009

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