Xenoverse 3 Super Saiyan 4 transformation/Xenoverse 2 Dlc Pack 7 (Winter update)

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Everyone loves the super saiyan transformations you know that, but we are missing acouple key features to make Saiyans stand out from humans..., Animated saiyan tails, great ape & golden great ape, and super saiyan 4. Dlc pack 6 was  perfect with the plot twists , like super saiyan 4 goku and vegeta in the hyperbolic time chamber. Now to continue the story, we could have fuu use bluts waves on us, or make us go into the past and choose to help the saiyan invasion against goku and his friends, and when vegeta uses moon attack (Burst open and mix) and become a great ape. or, we could get a gt arc, and we could fight baby vegeta, omega shenron, and other shenrons ... (free or paid winter update/ Dlc pack 7/ or xenoverse 3.) now when you go into the gt arc, vegeta says to omega shenron, ready to face 3 super saiyan 4`s, then says you ready for this , i shall teach you the true forms of a saiyan elite! you turn into a golden great ape, or a regular great ape, when your about to beat shenron you turn golden, then you get a option to turn ssj4. Now super saiyan jin 4 will be with only great ape forms, till you do a mission with goku and vegeta to get the 4th form after ssj3 to ssj4, and maybe one ssj4 can be ki blast supers, and one can be strike supers. These are  forms everyone`s been begging for.  look on youtube, twitter, reddit, etc..., Bandai, Dimps, its time for a super saiyan 4 transformation. Also i had a idea as well, what we got rid of the burst limits, and had it to where we can make each other transform!? basically lend ki, or health to each other without capsules!? , or like lets say i use a burst limit, called blitz waves, and it turns all my team mates into ssj4s or great apes!? Cool ey. Lastly , if you do consider all this, Please make the Saiyan Tails animated, and Choices to have wrapped, regular, & usable on any armor if wrapped. Thank you! 

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