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Anime is a beloved source of entertainment and inspiration for many. As a result, studios will sometimes create live-action adaptations of anime, trying to make more money by attracting more viewers along with the anime crowd. However, these adaptations often end up twisting the original source material and misrepresenting it, resulting in poorly made content. RE:ANIME is a YouTube channel created by anime lover Nik Shaw that is dedicated to creating their own live-action anime adaptations. Since the creators love anime, they want to stay true to the original source material in their adaptations, and their work reflects that. A lot of time, work, effort, love, and care is put into their films to ensure that they are as good as they can be. Many have enjoyed their films, often saying that their films are better than official live-action adaptations. Others who have watched their films are inspired to watch the original source material. However, that may not be the case for much longer.

Shortly after their One Punch Man-based Saitama vs. Genos film hit 3 million views, the video—and subsequently, the channel—caught the attention of BANDAI NAMCON Arts, the company who owns One Punch Man. (This was after RE:ANIME had been sponsored by One Punch Man: Road to Hero for the very same film). RE:ANIME was forced to take down any fan films on their channel that was based on Japanese anime (which was pretty much all of them). The channel released a notice saying they are in danger of being taken down within a week.

Maybe this petition won't accomplish anything. But at the very least, I hope to bring more attention to the issue. RE:ANIME loves anime. That's the entire reason why the channel exists. RE:ANIME loves anime, it was created out of love for anime, and it put in a ton of work into creating live-action fan films that show just how much they love anime. And to reward them for loving anime, a company that owns one of the animes they love has decided to try and get rid of their content, when instead they should be working together to create live-action content that would actually please anime fans and successfully draws in a new audience. Taking down the RE:ANIME channel would not only be heartbreaking, but it would be a huge mistake, and I hope this petition would show BANDAI just that. Please sign if you'd like to support RE:ANIME, their wonderful films and dreams, and prevent them from being taken down.

If you'd like to view the little content that is still available on their channel, or directly inform them of your support, here's the link to their channel:

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