Return XV2 Mods Bandai Namco!

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Xenoverse 2, released October 25th, 2016 as of today October 4th, 2017 banned modding. The modding community has brought many players to the PC version of the game and many people play exclusively for mods, many YouTubers showcase the mods and many more enjoy watching them, but now we can't simply due to an update nearly a year after release, so please support this petition and hopefully we can make Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Great Again.

I go by the modding name ItzSenzu, you probably have heard of me if you watch  Unrealentgaming, Devil Artemis, Kaggyfilms or SSJ4 Guy and my youtube channel is based around the creation of my mods in XV2, I am approaching 1,500 subscribers and just today I have come to find that I can no longer do what I enjoy, what I love. So please sign this petition to revive this and bring back modding to the game.


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