Remake Tales of Crestoria as a Console Game

Remake Tales of Crestoria as a Console Game

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Started by Moselle Leonel

With Tales of Crestoria officially planned for shutdown, some members of its community are hoping to set their sights on a future for its story. In the shutdown notice we were informed that the story may be able to continue elsewhere in another medium, but from the very beginning of Crestoria's release, many people insisted the story was too good to be confined to a mobile game. Sadly as a mobile game and also a gacha, it also meant that the game would inevitably come to an end when its servers went offline. This means the story was always going to go down with the game at some point, whether that was sooner than later or after it wrapped up naturally. Either way, it would be taken away along with the servers.

As a console game, Crestoria could thrive with its story and characters much more, and all the various storylines could be given more to work with. There would be so much more freedom to explore the world and create relationships between characters of any of the Tales titles.

If the gameplay were to change to function the same as standard Tales games do, it's very possible more people would be interested in playing it. Some loved the story and characters but were not fond of the gameplay, but if that were changed and made similar to the Tales games that its fans are familiar with and love, they would probably love to return to the story and cast.

Mobile games such as Crestoria need to keep up costs and need a consistent income. As a full fledged console game, this wouldn't be necessary and the entire story could fit into the game without being broken up. Like the other non-mobile titles, the game would be made, released and purchased with no worry about having to maintain costs. This story and cast that are very beloved to even players who didn't stick with the game originally may consider returning by purchasing it as a console game.

We would very much like Crestoria to live on, even if it's in a new form. If it could be made into a full console title, many people would be ready to come back to it when it could finally reach its release day.

Even people who didn't stick with the game ultimately due to its gacha and otherwise mobile elements have expressed their disappointment in the game going (and so soon). If a console game is possible, many people would love that!

We're signing this petition in the blood of our sins, so please consider bringing Crestoria to console someday! We would love to continue to support Kanata and his friends!

30 have signed. Let’s get to 50!