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Give us these things for dragon ball xenoverse 3

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The dragon ball xenoverse games have been a spectacular step in making the ultimate dragon ball rpg game by giving us the ability to make our own characters with their own story. Yet in the sequel to the first game players were not given a choice to continue as their character from the first game so this time they should get the choice to make a new character or play as one of their characters from the first and second game. Speaking of customization, the first two games allowed players to choose from a variety of hair, eye, chin and ear sets but the problem lies in the hair especially for saiyans because in the two games made by bandai the hairstyles never changed shape when they transformed into super saiyans or people merely did not like the hairs to choose from so it would be a good idea to allow the players to personally customize the hair for their character and for the saiyans to customize the hair for all forms of super Saiyan given to us in this new game and the eyeshapes if they so choose and of course allow players to alter they color of their aura so in short a more advanced customization to make it feel more personalized. Another thing is the fighting style given to custom characters, players are in many ways dissatisfied with the standard fighting style given to their custom characters a way to remedy this is to give players the ability to gain and equipt new fighting styles by training with iconic dragon ball characters. Finally beam struggles have been iconic in all the versions of dragon ball z so if this is to feel like a true dragon ball expierence bandai should give us this very thing.

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