Fusion in winter update/ and(or) XV3!!!

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Instead of having just a burst limit mode, what if we had a battle limit slot(i need to think of a better name for it) called Potara skill , where if you equipt the potara earings, or learn the fusion dance from goku and vegeta in a mission against gogeta 1-4 and vegito 1-2 and blue! Doing so teaches you cac fusion with ai`s , or another player! Doing so will double your attribute points, or combine yours and your friends, double your attack and defense, gain alil bit more speed, and mix hairstyles, clothes(clothes colors too) and skills, basically making custom skills, for example , final super kamehameha mixed with super galick gun, final super galic kamehaheha gun! they could have it the same input as the burst limit. Now where i`m going with the battle limit slot is where you can select either burst limit, or fusion, and maybe a mechanic to lock onto allies, this way , whomever you lock onto you fuse with! Now how fusion could work is whoever egnitiated the fusion controls the player, BUT after a short amount of time, the other player takes control, and you can hold the burst limit analog stick in to swap turns, or take turns playing the fusion character, that way if someone needs leveled up, or needs a break, their friend can get them xp. doing so maybe you get half the xp if fused!(since its basically doubling you power level). Another idea, would be to make two fusion characters( like two seperate versions ) Ex:( gogeta and vegitio) , where you , and your friend looked liked your fused, have a fusion name, but look different and have different fused attacks, that way you both can still play, if you have different skills, like one has ssj3 and other has god. should only be used if needed! Hopefully in xenoverse 2`s winter update, or xenoverse 3!!!

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