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Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Misson X West Release

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People in the United States and other locations around the world haven't been able to experience Dragon Ball Heroes. I have several reasons why you should think about bringing it to them:
With the recent boom in Dragon Ball, once more fans are eager and ready for more Dragon Ball content and games; so bringing it to the United States would be good for existing Dragon Ball fans who want more. It would give people a way to play a Dragon Ball game in a way that isn't fighting' (for once). Also, taking into account the success of 'Fusions', people are clearly open to the idea of a non fighting oriented Dragon Ball game. This one has the perfect blend of the characters we know and love, with some crazy and cool "what if" characters we've wanted to see for quite some time. Obviously, if you only bring the 3DS port, the cards from the arcades wouldn't have to accompany it. Once more it's the 3DS port also giving a low risk factor in case it may not go as planned. I have faith that the Dragon Ball Heroes games can be very successful here in the United States. I've read many comments and things along those lines on why people would want to play it, and on why this could be a great investment. It could easily attract new fans. Many people love card games and strategy games; this is perfect for people along those lines. They might also fall in love with the Dragon Ball universe. With the recently titled "Dragon Ball Heroes Ultimate Misson X", people could start then and there and play with tons of terrific new content to enjoy with all the missions released over the years .
Bringing this game to the United States would easily become highly profitable and create a rapidly expanding fan base for many years to come.

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