Decrease the Time-Length of Surprise Attack Mission from 11 Days to a consistent 7 Days

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The Monthly Surprise Attack Mission in "Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Voltage" is an Event looked forward to by both Veterans and players who are new to the game due to the high boost in resources and cards that ranking high in the event provides you with. As a result,  the competitive nature of this event far exceeds any other event that has been implemented in this game, requiring players to kill the same "boss" repeatedly, over 500 times just to get a viable ranking with rewards.

According to this, we believe the duration for SAM is far longer than is needed, overworking players and making the game seem like a chore rather than enjoyable. With each round of sam giving an average 200,000 event points and players needing to get more than 500,000,000 event points just to maintain a rank of top 100, with the player ranked number 1 having over 1 billion points. The amount of runs that players are doing just to maintain ranks is absurd, especially with the fact that they have to maintain doing these time consuming sessions for 11 days straight; the Surprise Attack Mission simply takes over players lives for this period of time and negates from the entire enjoyable aspect of the gamemode. A large population of the player base has stopped competing in Surprise Attack Mission solely because of this, settling with just the point rewards and not even considering to play for ranking rewards as they are considered too time consuming and draining.

This problem seems to only be able to be resolved by reducing the event's duration from the exaggerated 11 days to a reasonable and consistent 7 days. Drastically reducing the amount of stress put on players during the event and making the event more bearable instead of a chore. Players will be able to play competitively, while not having their entire lives revolve around the event.

In the current 11 day duration, the amount of points made daily by players reduces drastically towards the end of 11 day SAMs and only spikes up towards the last hours before the event ends. Reducing the event's duration to 7 days also results in players being able to compete without getting  "burnt out". Keeping the entire player base healthy and more willing to play the game and event.