A petition for a new jojo's bizzarre adventures pc game

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Hello, Bandai Namco Entertainment

"Goodbye, jojo!"

“Muda muda muda mudaaa”


“Yare yare da-ze”


“OH NO!”


"ok master! Let's kill da ho! biiiiitch!"


“do you understaaaand?”


Do you recognize these sentences? Of course you do. These are sentences from the manga/anime “Jojo’s bizarre adventures”. But, why did I start the petition like this? Well, there’s a motivation, of course.

There are so many games of Jojo brand for console and there’s even a game for mobile (even if it’s only available in Japanese), but there are no games for PC.
The most Jojo bizarre adventures’ fan are pc gamers, and they are crying because of the lack of jojo’s games for their platform.
So I... wait, WE are asking you to develop a jojo game for PC.

“What? Is he a jerk? But does he even know how much developing a game can cost and how much time can it take?”
-The guy who is reading this petition at the moment

Of course I do, but today isn’t the end of the world and there will surely be new versions of Jojo games.

[For example]
Now there are rumors about a new jojo game for Nintendo switch. If the rumors are true, could you develop it even for pc, please?


You gave us games like DB Fighterz, Naruto UNS4 and so on… We are waiting for a jojo game announcement since 2013, but we are tired.
That’s why I made this petition, that’s why most of jojo fans cry, that’s why we are asking you to do this.

The interest of people in this is expressed in the number of signatures in this petition.

                                                                                                  Hopefully, All pc gamers


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