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Add a Blue Eye Orb to Dark Souls 3

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In Dark Souls we had the Blue Eye Orb to invade the worlds of the guilty.

In Dark Souls 2 we had Cracked Blue Eye Orbs to invade the worlds of the sinners.

While these players still exist in Dark Souls 3, our only way of invasion is hoping we're summoned in to defend a player in the Way of the Blue. While it's great when it does happen, the summon rates are few and far in between, leaving tons of players unable to level up their covenants. Adding in a Blue Eye Orb similar to the Red Eye Orb would help to solve this issue.

How would it function though? Similar to the previous titles, players can still accumulate sin. Even though indictment is no longer a thing, the orb could seek out players that have sin on their character. Another choice would be to have it invade players currently part of the Fingers of Rosaria covenant or Aldrich Faithful covenant (as per lore reasons).

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